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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Applications

    Electrical Applications

    • Power generation generator inspections
    • Substation electrical inspections, transformers and capacitor evaluation
    • Over head urban and rural distribution electrical inspections
    • Electrical motor inspections
    230KV Utility

    Electronic Applications

    • Printed circuit board evaluation and troubleshooting
    • Thermal mapping of semiconductor device services
    • Circuit board component evaluation
    • Production-type inspection of bonded structures
    • Inspection of hybrid microcircuits
    • Inspection of soldier joints
    Power Breaker

    Mechanical Applications

    • Inspect Boilers
    • Inspect burners for flame impingement and burner management
    • Look at combustion patterns of fuel
    • Detect thermal patters on boiler tubes and measure tube skin temperature during normal operation or when boiler is on standby
    • Scan and record temperatures in areas of boiler not monitored
    • Scan the exterior of boiler for refectory damage or locate warmer areas where potential
    • Detect coke buildup in crude furnaces
    • Detect Power plant boiler flue gas leak
    • Mechanical bearing inspections
    • Evaluate Heat ventilation air conditioning equipment
    • Evaluate cold storage cooling losses
    • Detect insulation leaks in refrigeration equipment
    480V 200HP Motor

    Automotive Applications

    • Motor racing suspension and tire contact diagnostics
    • Brake and engine systems evaluation for performance and cooling efficiencies
    • Finding faulty fuel injection nozzles
    Truck Engine

    Medical/Veterinary Applications

    • Medical injury examinations for whiplash, back injuries, Carpal Tunnel syndrome
    • Disease evaluation-breast cancer, arthritis and many more
    • Dentistry, tempomandibular jaw dysfunction and more
    • Sports injuries evaluation, and therapy progress
    • Equine (horse) injury examination, stress fractures, lameness
    • Last dissymmetry determination
    Family Pet
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